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Hanover Med Spa Hanover Med Spa

Spring has sprung at Dolce Med Spa!!! 
Spring is a time to feel alive again and to take time to enhance ourselves after the long cold winter days. 
As the flowers begin to bloom, so should you!

The team at Dolce has prepared amazing Spring specials just for you!!

April Package Special
Botox in a Bottle Facial with Peel & 20 units of Xeomin
& 1 Laser Eye Treatment
ONLY $399

Stock up and Save!
Are you a "Dedicated Botox user"?! Purchase 100 units of Botox for just $995!
"11's for $11"
Purchase any quantity of Xeomin, the newest Botulinum Toxin and a favorite of our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner
Purchase 1 syringe of Radiesse for only $525. Enjoy it's collagen-stimulating effect for up to 18 months!

We are delighted to inform you that Tracey Lively, owner of Dolce Med Spa
has received a pattern and trademark for her NEW treatment.

No one wants their "mother's facelift" any more. And with good reason! The techniques and methods used a generation ago have been replaced by newer, advanced methods which are virtually undetectable.

1 treatment of eyes or lips
$169 - value: $299
1 treatment of neck or chest
$299 - value: $1,200
1 treatment of full face
$699 - value: $3,600
3 treatments of eyes or lips
$449- value: $897
3 treatments of neck or chest
$849 - value: $3,600
3 treatments of full face
$1,599- value: $10,800

faceliftHow it works:
Tracey Lively of Dolce Med Spa uses two different hand pieces from the Palomar Icon, with the most advanced technology. The first hand piece targets broken capillaries and hyper-pigmentation from sun damaged skin. If a client has damaged the cells beneath the surface of the skin, laser treatment is the only solution. The laser light will target damaged cells by picking up melanin (which rises to the surface of the skin by turning brown and splotchy).

Next, the treatment targets broken capillaries using a different wavelength. This second process involves a second Palomar Icon hand piece, which targets deep set lines and fine lines. This procedure enables us to around the orbital eye area, a treatment which has been approved by the FDA. With this procedure, collagen is produced for three months during this series of three treatments which are spaced four weeks apart. Additionally, this laser treatment will produce collagen for four months after the series is finished. BOOK NOW


Hanover Med Spa

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